How to login?

LUHS students log into Moodle using universal logins used for all information systems used in LUHS (e.g. FC, LSMUSIS). User logins and passwords are formed out of first 4 letters of name and surname and birth date: username  - namesurn1023; password - namesurn1985 (don't use upper case letters and use only Latin letters)

Your forgotten password can be reset into original (namesurn1985) - white an email to pastas[eta] MIND that password will be changed to all systems (FC, LSMUSIS)!

Once the password is reset login to LSMUSIS firstly to change it into your own password. Then with your new password log into Moodle.


Once you log into Moodle you will have to confirm your email by logging into your mailbox. We recommend using universities mailbox ( or, as other mailboxes (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail...) emails sent from Moodle placed into spam, advertising catalog or ere deleted automatically. This can also happen if you redirect your FC emails into other mailbox! When email address is left inactivated later logins into Moodle will require to activate your email again!

For any questions please contact Moodle administrator: estudijos[eta]

In case you didn't notice:

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